Presents the

Ultimate RealATC Collection

It's about 4400 wav files that will work with nearly any multimedia player but are specially sequenced for

 Radar Contact V 4 & V3 and Enviro!32

and now for PRO-ATC/X

 a very special edit of the files for



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Revised: 22 October 2014


A definitive choice in cockpit or flight deck ambiance!

Your flights will never sound the same again!

And yes, that's a real file from the collection playing at startup - nothing canned

or made up! All 100% RealATC!

 You'll hear hundreds of voices and thousands of situations.

More sample plays on the Press Release Page, the Enviro32! info page and the ARTCC Map Page.


Also works just great using Enviro!32 along side ProFlight Emulator!


Please click HERE to Read the January 12, 2012 PRESS RELEASE


Both Radar Contact and Enviro!32 work with FS9, FSX SP1, SP2 and Acceleration!

And so does the Ultimate RealATC Collection

The Sound Files also work just fine with X-Plane , Prepar3D ,PRO-ATC/X, and every other flight simulator out there!

In fact, you don't even need a flight simulator running!!


RealATC Flight 425 From the Ultimate RealATC Collection for Radar Contact and Enviro!

Flight 425 was a commercial airlines flight from Vienna Austria (LOWW) to Nice, France (LFMN). The entire flight was recorded from in the cockpit and is captured in the 176-.wav files included in this .zip file. It's all included - checklists, ATIS, cabin announcements, takeoff briefing, approach briefing and all the interaction of the Captain and First Officer. This is offered so you can HEAR the quality of the RealATC files. Enjoy the flight! Click the link below to download. (12.4mb)

You may read a review of Commercial Product. Lauda 425, when it was released here at

These files, without the "Lauda" are now part of Ultimate RealATC, along with 4 other real flights. What makes these files special, is they were are recorded from the flight deck.

Updated March 17, 2011



Now Available ONLY for Direct Download. The files are on a fast server and I have taken out the previously included FS2000 and FS2002 Real Flights. So  just the RealATC files ready for Radar Contact and Enviro!32 makes for an 848 MB downloadable file. It's about a 21 minute download at 700kb/sec. There is also an option to download just the files for Radar Contact or just the files for Enviro!32. So, your speed and time may vary, but it's still way quicker than waiting for a snail mail DVD to arrive.


Just $12.95

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I know you will enjoy the files

and what they add to the flight

 experience. Your flights will never

 sound the same again!


After your PayPal checkout you will receive an email with the download link. The emails are sent manually and not on autopilot, so it could be up to 10 hours or more depending on your time zone and what time of day you order. Any problems, if you need help or have questions please contact me through the mailbox below.

Thank you!


Sorry but the Three Real Flights for FS2000 and FS2002 and their associated files are no longer available but the collection with Enviro32! contains all of the audio from those flights and much more. It all works with ANY flight simulator or as a stand alone.

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Enhance your flying experience!

Now , the Complete Ultimate RealATC Collection from the pioneer of the RealATC Concept for Flight Simulator


About 4,400 High Quality RealATC Sound bytes ready to work with Enviro!32 , Radar Contact and X-Plane in one collection.

Includes 5 real flights recorded in the cockpit:

1.  " 20 Heavy"  Flight from Munich Germany to Miami Florida. (EDDM to KMIA)

2. Flight 106 From London's Gatwick to Vienna, Austria


3. Flight 425 from Vienna, Austria to Nice, France


4. Flight 9973 from London's Stanstead to Malaga, Spain (EGSS to LEMG)

5.  Cherokee 6 N54429 IFR from Houston's Hobby Airport to San Antonio, Texas


and much much more

It is delivered only by DIRECT DOWNLOAD for the quickest delivery possible. No more waiting for the post office!!




 Just use Windows Explorer to drag and drop what you want and where you want it!

 No Changes to your registry nor any difficult

 uninstall routines!

For Radar Contact, the RealATC in the US is ready to go with alternating Centers. Once center will play the default files and when flying into another center, the new file set will play. The European flights are all set to the appropriate FIR's and landing and departure airports. And by following the Radar Contact Documentation, you can move the files to anywhere you like very easily.

For Enviro3.2!   the Files are grouped into 12 Banks:

1. Clearance,  2. Ground, 3. Tower, 4. Departure, 5. Enroute, 6. Approach7. ATIS, 8. HF including Oceanic Clearances, 9. Flight 106, 10. Flight 9973 11.Cherokee 6 IFR, 12. Flight 425 (includes all cockpit chatter also)

For the Flights, the files are sequential in each bank.

The 20 Heavy Flight is embedded within the first six groups.  

Default installation of these files in Radar Contact will result in the RealATC files being played when in the following FAA Centers: ZSE, ZLA, ZDV, ZHU, ZAU, ZME, ZNY and ZJK.

   Look at the ARTCC MAP Click HERE

The collection is so large and varied that you will literally never hear them all while flying using random selection as Radar Contact or Enviro32! reads the files!

If you enjoy Radar Contact with FS2000, FS2002 or FS2004, this collection is guaranteed to double your enjoyment!

If you use Enviro32! with any of your favorite flight simulator  experiences you're going love what this adds to your experience.

In addition as an added bonus , you'll get 3 of the flights in Microsoft Adventure Format for users of FS2000 and FS2002 together with the flight plans, charts and background of each flight, available as a separate FREE download.

FS2004 and FSX users can Fly the real flights by using Enviro32!'s sequential file playing from within the appropriate bank.

This is the Ultimate RealATC Collection with the special edit  that truly recreates the Real Air Traffic Control Experience on your PC with your favorite Flight Simulator like no other.

Program Update

All users should who purchased BEFORE April 28, 2011should download the file:   Enviro!32 users need to replace the files in Bank 12 with the new file set and add leading zero's to files 1 thru 99 for correct sequential playing.


Files, Content and Web Page (c) 1996-2015 Ralph Zimmerman RealATC Software

Enviro!32! is copyright (c) Rob Visser / Busi Cat Designs. and is available as a FREE Utility included with the RealATC file set.

Flight Simulator 2004 is copyright (c) Microsoft Corporation
RealATC is copyright 1996-2014 (c) Ralph Zimmerman

Radar Contact is  (c) JDT LLC

X-Plane is (c) Laminar Research

The Ultimate RealATC Collection for Radar Contact

This is users Preference – the files as downloaded are arranged as they are on my hard drive. You may of course move the files or the pointers wherever you like. Just be certain to follow the instructions on sequential naming of the files in the Radar Contact docs pages 142-144

The main file set is installed in 309 which is the Denver ARTCC. Along with that are the Cherokee 6 files.

Additionally, the Cherokee 6 files are installed in 314 which is the Houston ARTCC where the flight took place.

The main RealATC file set (in 309) is also installed by pointer ($309.txt) in the following areas:

288 Honolulu
289 Anchorage
301 Seattle
303 Los Angeles
317 Memphis
319 Chicago
324 Jacksonville
333 New York

I did it that way because that’s the way I like it. You may want things differently. I found the most enjoyment when flying from one center to the next where the files set would alternate from default to the new file set for the greatest variety of ATC.

You may of course install the files to any center you like and move the pointers around anywhere you like.

Additionally the Flight 9973, Flight106 and Flight 425 have been installed in the following appropriate directories

384 Wein Fir

Where default Radar Contact files existed, they were kept and the numbering changed appropriately.

Make certain that if you drag the files using Windows Explorer that you are not overwriting a file set that you may have installed yourself already.

If you have files installed in any of the above directories move them to a temporary directory and rename them temporarily. Then add the new files from the download and rename the whole set before copying back to the Radar Contact folders.

Flights 9973, 106 and 425 were all commercial flights recorded from the cockpit where the airline name has been removed.







Great " ALL NEW pre-recorded chatter" for Radar Contact version 4 and 3. If you're tired of the same old chatter- here's a low cost alternative

A VERY long time beta tester of Radar Contact, and a close friend of both John Dekker and Doug Thompson had this to say in a December 05 email: "What I think you would appreciate is the new V4 of RC, coupled with your wav's, that is what I am testing right this moment and very pleased with.  A big user problem has surfaced with V4 about the quality of the AI chatter that RC now produces.  We are working on an entire new sound system for the AI chatter right now.  However coupled with your canned chatter it is such an improvement.  I don't think at present most Radar Contact users are aware of your program.  They have complained so much about the same old wav's that were in RCv3....I have 3 notes from them today asking how my install and impressions were of Real ATC. "

And in late February after the release of 4.01, this same tester had this to say: "The initial comments that a very few Radar Contact V4 users had about voice quality has been resolved with the release of v4.01.  I think it would be very helpful to make that note on your web site.  I would really make a point on your web site about the great immersion quality of your wav's."


A DVD Drive to read the media and the ability to use Windows Explorer to copy the files

For Enviro!32 :

Windows95, Windows98, WindowsMe, Windows2000 Professional or WindowsXP operating system
Fly!, Fly!2K, Fly! II, FS2004, FS2002, FS2000, FS98, X-Plane, Falcon 4.0 or Falcon 4.0 SuperPAK flight simulator software. Will also work with ANY Flight Simulator such as ProPilot as it is a stand alone product.
DirectX 6.1 or later
High Color (16bit) or higher desktop color setting
Soundcard or integrated audio
Internet connection and Internet Explorer 4.01 SP2 or later (for optional METAR downloads)
Microphone (optional, for use with Enviro!'s ATC Recording Area)
About 560 mb of hard drive space
And of course, Enviro!
InfoMETAR, ThinMetar and/or Sky! software (optional, can be used in Enviro32!)

For Radar Contact

If you have Radar Contact purchased and Installed then only an additional 600 mb of HD space is required.

For Radar Contact

If you have Radar Contact purchased and Installed then only an additional 600+ mb of HD space is required.

Update Nov 13, 2005 - The manual for Radar Contact Version 4 has been released and there has been no change in the way additional chatter is added from Version 3 so these files will most definitely add to the Version 4 experience also!

Testers report perfect compatibility with Radar Contact Version 4.3


Read a review of the original RealATC product here on - since the programming language changed, all I have left to offer at the 4400+ awesome sound bytes accumulated over various phases and products.

This is the Ultimate RealATC Collection with the special edit  that truly recreates the Real Air Traffic Control Experience on your PC with your favorite Flight Simulator like no other. You'll even hear a great exchange with a reference to former president Bill Clinton, Bud One, a NASA flight . An instruction by a tower controller to do a 360 and so much more cool stuff including a genuine emergency or 2!!

The collection is so large and varied that you will literally never hear them all while flying using random selection as Radar Contact or Enviro!32 reads the files!


A very short review of the REALATC 2 which I authored can be found here at


You can read a good discussion of RealATC and why it stopped with FS2004 here at


Clearance  105 Files

Ground    329 Files

Tower   776 Files

Departure   323 Files

Enroute   784 Files

Approach    990 Files

ATIS   27 Files

High Frequency   38 Files

Flight 106   270 Files

Flight 9973   375 Files

Cherokee 6 IFR   268 Files

Flight 425   176 Files

Approximate Total = 4461


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